More Than Sometimes - Summer Lake Silver Book 6 (ebook)
More Than Sometimes - Summer Lake Silver Book 6 (ebook)

More Than Sometimes - Summer Lake Silver Book 6 (ebook)

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Cal’s hoping that he’s going to be able to adjust to retirement. He’s not the kind of man who knows how to relax and do nothing. He’s glad to be in Summer Lake with guys he used to work with—guys who’ve already made the transition from covert ops to a more regular kind of life. 

His friends have met women and settled down with them, though. And that’s not in the cards for Cal. As far as he’s concerned, the female of the species may as well be a different species.  

When he first meets Teresa, she only confirms for him that he has no clue how women operate. But she makes him want to figure it out. She’s a breath of fresh air that he doesn’t know how to handle. She’s very much her own person, but before long, she has Cal wanting to figure out how to make her his person. 

Teresa’s bowled over by the big, sexy, serious-looking guy who walks into her salon. After a less than auspicious beginning, she’s left disappointed. But not for long.  

He might seem serious and a little bit intimidating, but Teresa can see through the tough exterior to the big-hearted guy underneath. 

These two might not look like the perfect match on paper. But he makes her feel cared for in a way she never has before. And she brings out his softer side—and his smile, and boy what a smile it is! 

Pick up your copy of this heartwarming romance today to follow Cal and Teresa’s journey. You’ll laugh and cry with them as they get a little help from his friends, and from her three-year-old granddaughter on their way to finding their happily-ever-after. 

This book is intended for readers aged 18+ 

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