Forever Takes a While - Summer Lake Seasons Book 5 (ebook)

Forever Takes a While - Summer Lake Seasons Book 5 (ebook)

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Cassie always knew that she was meant to be a doctor. Colt always knew that he was meant to be a deputy.

They both thought they knew that they were meant to be together--forever.

But life got in the way. Their choices led them down different paths. Though, that was only supposed to be for a while.

Now, she's back in Summer Lake after more than ten years, and he can't understand why she won't even talk to him.

He respected her choice to pursue her career instead of coming back to build a life and a family with him. But after all this time and all that they shared, why doesn't she even want to be his friend?

Pick up your copy of this heartwarming romance today and join Colt and Cassie as they learn that, sometimes, forever takes a while.

 Due to adult language and content this book is intended for readers age 18 and over

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