Tell the Stars to Shine - Summer Lake Seasons Book 6 (ebook)

Tell the Stars to Shine - Summer Lake Seasons Book 6 (ebook)

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Amber’s loving life in Summer Lake. She’s settled into her job at the post office. She’s made some lovely new friends. And most of all she’s free.

It wasn’t that her old life was so bad. She worked for her parents; she liked being able to help them out. What she didn’t like was feeling trapped in a relationship with their general manager.

She was glad to leave him behind. And ever since she came to the lake, she’s had a not so secret crush on Austin.

Austin’s a stand-up kind of guy. He’s reliable, dependable—and quietly successful.

He was attracted to Amber from the moment he met her. But before he could act on it, he had to extricate himself from a bad relationship that he’d let go on too long.

Now, these two have a chance to get together but will some well-intentioned interfering by Amber’s sister, Jade, help them on their way or leave them stuck in a web of lies?

You’ll have to pick up your copy of this heart-warming romance today to find out if two people who are used to putting others first will grasp their chance at happiness and if the nice-guy gets his girl in the end.

Due to adult language and content this book is intended for readers age 18 and over

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