Chase the Blues Away - Summer Lake Seasons Book 4 (ebook)

Chase the Blues Away - Summer Lake Seasons Book 4 (ebook)

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Ivan’s finding that small-town life suits him.

He didn’t think he was the kind to settle down, and certainly not in a place like Summer Lake.

But he loves his new job, he loves his new house—even if it doesn’t feel like home yet.

He’s not looking for a woman to love, but he’s open to dating.

Abbie’s not proud of the way she’s lived her life but she’s trying to make up for it.

She’s back at the lake to help her mom after her dad passed away.

She’s ready to settle down; all she needs is a suitable guy.

Ivan’s gorgeous. As an added bonus he’s kind and caring, too.

But she’s had her fair share of sexy, unsuitable men.

She thinks he’s not what she needs. He discovers she’s everything he wants.

But will Abbie’s insistence on making amends for the past mean they can never have a future together?

ue to adult language and content this book is intended for readers age 18 and over

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