Too Much Love to Hide - Summer Lake Seasons Book 2 (ebook)

Too Much Love to Hide - Summer Lake Seasons Book 2 (ebook)

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Following on from Take These Broken Wings and Like Some Old Country Song, mystery man Zack gets his own book to see if he can find his happily ever after.

You can hide from your past, you can hide from your future—but can you ever hide from love?

He’s spent the last ten years hiding from his past. That’s meant staying on the move, never settling in any place for too long, and never letting anyone get too close.

Summer Lake is different, it’s a place he doesn’t want to move on from. His job as a pilot means he’s away half the time, but when he’s home he’s surrounded by good people. People he’s allowed himself to care about.

He’s made friends—friends who accept that he doesn’t share much about who he is or where he’s from. There’s a girl whom he wishes could be more than a friend. They almost got together when he first came to the lake, but he couldn’t take the risk. His heart wanted so much more, but he had to hide his heart and be content with her friendship.

She’s hoped for more since the day she met him, but she, too, has had to settle for friendship.

Hearts can only stay hidden for so long, but when there’s too much love to hide, will the danger from his past finally track him down and destroy them both?

Get your copy of this sweet and steamy story today to find out. 

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